1934 Plymouth PG Coupe


1934 Plymouth PG Coupe. This car is for sale, it's not for everyone it has a solid body, including fenders and is in decent running condition for a car that is original with 59,000 miles and 71 years old.

The story, not validated by any means, goes like this. The car was bought new in Albany Georgia in 1934 by a farmer, name unknown. When the farmers son returned from WWII the car was given to him to use. The son not liking the color, it's a PG and was solid black, had the car painted PF deluxe colors and installed a matching interior. This took place in 1947. Some of the paint has turned loose aroung the body reveal and is faded on parts of the car. The black on the fenders has stared. The Car was found in a barn on the original owners farm in 2002 and purchased from the son who is in a nurseing home in or around Moultrie Georgia. The buyer had the wheels powder coated and installed new wide white walls. The car has a tune up and the soft brake lines and master and wheel cylinders gone through. It starts eaisly, runs good, shifts great, has no unusual noises, stops like a 71 year old car. Every thing works, lights guages E brake etc.

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